EighthCoin PoS/Masternode

EighthCoin is a PoS/Masternode digital currency designed for low fees and instant transactions for payments all around the world and merchants that accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

EighthCoin benefits from the open source and transparent nature of Bitcoin, and utilizes a more distributed encryption system known as Staking combined with a reward system for mining. This makes earning rewards more possible from your desktop and resist ASCI machines.

EighthCoin Specifications

Coin name: EighthCoin
Type: PoS/Masternode
Symbol: 8TH
Address Prefix: 8
Total supply: 888,888,888 coins
Masternode: 800,000 coins
Block Reward: 88 to 88888 coins
Masternode Reward: 48% to 88%

What is EighthCoin?

EighthCoin is the next high ROI investment you have been looking for! We aim to build a safe, reliable PoS platform with great returns and an active, involved community. EighthCoin is a primarily PoS focused high APR coin. Bringing back the high APR PoS system you all know and love, but done right!

Development Team

EighthCoin developement team are very active and have already started making big plans for the future.

Safe and Secure

Your funds are safe and secure with EighthCoin wallet to allow users to keep staking and trading.

PoS Block Reward

Normal award is 88 new EighthCoins per block, the award goes up to 888 (8888/88888) per block when the height number is a multiple of 888 (8888/88888).


EighthCoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of EighthCoins is carried out collectively by the network.


EighthCoin blockchain is capable of handling higher transaction volume. Due to more frequent block generation, the network supports more transactions without a need to modify the software in the future.


Block Height 1-88888: Masternode reward percent: 48%

Block Height 88888-188888: Masternode reward percent: 56%

Block Height 188888-288888: Masternode reward percent: 64%

Block Height 288888-488888: Masternode reward percent: 72%

Block Height 488888-888888: Masternode reward percent: 88%

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Get in touch

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